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Matt Elias (Finished)

I proclaim this finished because I want to move on. >8D

I was in a rush when I posted this before so I’m taking the time now to edit this post and put the appropriate credits.

Matt Elias is a character from The Falcon Banner. This is fan art for the audio drama series, adapted from the novels by Christopher Patrick Lydon.

I’m one of those people who if I discover a film series first before the novel, I’ll wait until the film is finished, then if I’m not satisfied I’ll read the books. Well, that’s exactly what has happened for this audio drama series… except it’s been a while since a new episode has come out (understandably – Chris Snyder has been busy but did post a few months back that he was still intending to finish at least the first book or something). Soooo I think I may have to get my hands on the books… I must need to know what happens next!

I managed to get my friend, Fiona hooked to the audio drama too! \:D/

Shaaaaaaame on me… no posts during February!!! OK. Will post some of my life drawing stuff over the last few weeks in a short while to make up for it. =)

You must be able to tell right now that I’m in a rush…