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Hands Up #003

Hands Up 3

Boom! Third week in a row!

Hands Up #002

Hands Up 2

Thank you Zay, my spellchecker!

p.s. Having a geeky dad is THE BEST. 🙂


Hands Up 1

So I’ve always wanted to start a webcomic but after scribbling down pages and pages about characters and what the comic would potentially be about… it would often turn to blubber. It never felt like it had enough purpose, you know?

Then I thought.. heck, why not make the occasional comic blog? Maybe over time I’ll have enough to have a bit of a web comic? It’s a bit of a self indulgence making myself the main character. But, well, sometimes I have smart ass things to say, so let’s see how this goes.

And before you wonderful writers out there approach me and say, “I have an idea for a comic and I’d love an artist to work with me,” … unfortunately I’ve been down that road before and it never really worked out. There are only 2 conditions I might accept — 1) I get paid a fair sum 2) You’re a very good friend that I work extremely well with (Hullo Fee!) Sorry but I’ve made empty promises before and I always feel bad when nothing materialises! I do need some sort of incentive because i have a bazillion things I want/need to do!

Like prepare for a zombie apocalypse.