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Hands Up #009

Hands Up Page 9

Thanks to my friends Andre and Albert who teach our group of friends sign language. It’s been fun learning so far and it’s really an nifty skill. Communicating to each other in middle of a loud dance party, from across the room, under water whilst scuba diving… etc.

And yes, this was indeed one of the first things I asked how to sign.

Hands Up #008

Hands Up Page 8

If you haven’t read the article already, this probably totally didn’t make any sense. So here is the article:

7 Basic Things You Won’t Believe You’re Doing Wrong

And if you’re too lazy to read the whole damned thing, the basic gist is that; a> You’re not supposed to brush your teeth right after you eat – some of the acids in our foods help break down the harmful stuff on our teeth and gums, b> You’re not supposed to sit down when you’re doing your 2’s – the best position is to actually squat like they do in some Asian countries, c> It’s normal to wake up in the middle of the night. Don’t fight it, just relax, meditate or do other “recreational” things… then fall asleep naturally; and d> Taking daily showers is bad for your skin.

Hands Up #007

Hands Up Page 7

True story.